Short Fiction

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Cover for Fusion Fragment Issue #4 The Ten Thousand Lives of Luciana Kim. Fusion Fragment #4. Date Pending, 2021. (3800 words.)
"She’s got goosebumps, but she doesn’t mind. It’s peaceful here, and she’s always enjoyed the cold. So, she thinks. This is what it’s like to be dead."
#Death #Rebirth #Agency #War #Simulations
The Truth At The Bottom of the Ocean. Augur Magazine, Issue 3.2. Pending, December 2020. (2600 words.)
"On the night after you were born, I awoke to find my skin had turned to armor--metal or stone, or perhaps bone, so tough that nothing but your pain penetrates it."
#Climate #Family #Diaspora #Water
A Brief History of KFSD: A Presentation Only Partially Slept Through. If There's Anyone Left. Date Pending, 2020. (500 words.)
"He mentioned he would have preferred to keep the new face, as it was more attractive. He retracted this statement when he discovered the face belonged to a murderer."
#Flash #Race #Diaspora #ScienceFiction
Cover for Apparition Lit
                            Magazine #12: Satisfaction A Bird Always Wants More Mangoes. Apparition Lit, Issue 12: Satisfaction. Pending, October 2020. (4300 words.)
"Birdie looks in through the open window at the body, and she just knows. There's a stillness that can't be faked, like when the wind dies to nothing and the sun's pounding the asphalt in a deserted hour of the afternoon."
#Eco #Class #Horror #Surreal
Cover for Fusion Fragment Issue #2 EZ2Luv is Hard to Leave. Fusion Fragment #2. September 2020. (7600 words.)
"EZ2Luv has never been awake and alone at the same time. She almost wishes there was something wrong with her programming instead."
#SexRobots, #Identity, #Loneliness, #Space, #FreeRead
Cover for Decoded #1 The Deck. Decoded. June 2020. (4300 words.)
"Maya isn’t surprised. In movies, hauntings always happen in giant, sprawling mansions, or the burned-out shells of decrepit gilded-age hotels, but Maya’s experience has taught her that affordable housing is much more likely to be haunted."
#Literary, #Queer, #SliceOfLife, #Ghosts